Tonight the world die +.+
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omg i cant stop crying.. i cant believe this happened. she was so young and she was always with a happy smile on her lips.. I love you EunB forever ♥ I hope the rest of the members will be fine..

rest in peace eunbi

LIVE UPDATE: Korean idols express condolences and sadness over Ladies’ Code Eunbi’s death



A number of celebrities have sent their condolences, expressing their sadness on their respective social networking accounts following the fatal car crash that took the life of Ladies’ Code’s Eunbi injuring many others. 

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We love and miss you. Rest in peace, Go EunBi.

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how can people have the nerve to say ‘thank god it wasn’t my bias’? 

do you not understand that a human being has passed away?

eunbi might’ve been an idol, but she was human too.

it doesn’t matter if you are a ladies’ code fan or not, a life is a life and is precious no matter who it belongs to. my condolences to her family, friends, members, fans and to the driver’s family and friends. 



Following Ladies’ Code's devastating car accident leading to the death of EunB, it has been confirmed that RiSe has successfully concluded her 9 hour brain surgery. It has also been reported that Sojung has stabilised although more information has yet to be released.

#prayforladiescode #ladiescodefighting


Someone later today will wake up, login to twitter/tumblr and see that their bias has passed away in a car accident.

I fucking feel terrible.

Unfortunately, at 1:20 AM in South Korea, EunB [Go Eun Bi] had passed away in a very tragic car accident. The car had slid down a rainy, slippery road and crashed. I’m not really a fan of Ladies Code, but my heart broke when I heard this news. It was my first time in my entire life knowing a recent idol that had passed away. It’s very unfortunate. She was only 22 and had a whole life ahead of her. She was beautiful and talented as well. Bless her and the other members. Hwaiting, Ladies Code’s fans and members.

rest in peace, EunB, may you be watching over your family, friends, fans, and members in heaven. all of us will miss you dearly.


i can’t stop crying…’s sojung’s birthday……she’ll forever be reminded that eunbi died on her birthday…….oh my god

go eunbi ♡


Although I’m not a fan of Ladies’ Code, this tragic event is really painful to hear about and I’m pretty sure this will leave shockwaves throughout the K-Pop community. Please, I’m asking you to pray for those who knew her and involved in the accident to stay strong through this struggle.
Rest in peace, EunB. You’re no longer in any pain.

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I wanna do a project to send to the girls for when they all recover. I want them to truly see how much Lavelies care about them. Whether you’re a fan or not, it would mean a lot.

once a lady, forever a lady.